After payroll, healthcare benefits are your biggest expense. Viveka Health’s intelligent administration platform gives you the data, tools, and insights to understand and control your benefit expenses.

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●  Streamline your benefits management with Viveka’s easy-to-use, comprehensive administrative platform.
●  Conveniently and automatically update eligibility, automate transactions, integrate programs, and maintain compliance.

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Enable your employees to make better decisions anytime, anywhere through effective, efficient, and real-time communications and alerts via our mobile app, Alexa, SMS text, and through voice and video chat.

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●  Strategically master the use of your health data.
●  Effortlessly fill in missing information, close care gaps, and steer members to lower-priced, higher-value providers, pharmacies, and treatments.

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●  Seamlessly update benefits without delay or disruption.
●  Shift from paper-to-electronic-based information exchanges and bring all your stakeholders up-to-speed in real-time.

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●  Measure your progress and fine-tune your focus as you reduce the total cost of health spending and equip your employees to adopt healthier lifestyles.
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