“Viveka is very, very accessible. I can’t think of an instance in the past five years where Viveka wasn’t super accessible and responsive to what we needed. Anytime we pick up the phone, for anything, we get a person. When we ask “will you take a look at this for us?” they explain why something is happening and within a few hours - sometimes within a few minutes - they fix the problem. They’ll even come to our office if needed.”
Marc A. Goodman
Certified Employee Benefit Specialist
Fund Manager
Local 272 Welfare Fund
Local 272 Labor-Management Pension Fund
“The first question Viveka Health asked us was: “How can we help?” Right from the start, Viveka showed us what they can do with our data through implementing their mobile app. They've eliminated the old ways and created electronic databases to store information and create processes that take the burden off our members”
Rich Clarson, CEBS | Scott Pascente
Project Manager | Fund Administrator
Teamsters Local 731, Health & Welfare/Pension Funds
1000 Burr Ridge Parkway, Suite 301
“Our former solution was a boat anchor. Viveka's solutions are well designed, supported, and quickly deployed. They can rapid-prototype. Within a very short time - a week or two - they’re delivering to spec. When we find we missed identifying a requirement, they quickly respond, tweak things, and close any gaps. They are very responsive... always checking in with us asking "is everything working for you?" They're constantly evolving. It’s software-as-a-service at its best.”
Thomas Cardwell
COO, Director of Operations
Leading Edge Administrators
“What attracted us to Viveka was Laurent’s in-depth knowledge of fraud, waste, and abuse within payer organizations and how he applies this knowledge to the design of his platform. He loves this space and wants to do the right thing.”
Charlie Meyer | Samuel K. Solesi, Jr., CPA
Managing Director | Manager, Investigations & Director, Forensic Accounting
Health Care Fraud & Abuse
T&M Protection Resources, LLC